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I am Lydia Andris, founder of Myfoodtrailer.com.

My road to become a food truck builder started in Portland, OR in 2008. During the big crisis in 2008 my Dad built two food truck trailers and we have been operating those downtown of Portland, OR. Since my Dad did so good on those two units people kept asking us if we could build them a food truck. Being a food truck operator and builder at the same time gave me great understanding of how to run this great business on both sides – being a builder food truck builder and operator.

After getting married my husband and I moved to Germany and spent several years there but I always wanted to get back to the street food business. Since my husband is a mechanical engineer he helped me to design a food trailer concept that is not based on converted cargo trailers with there being many unsuitable features for a food truck trailer.

All our trailers come with an aluminum frame and structure. We also have no woods or fiberglass insulation in walls or ceiling. It is our standard to offer an all aluminum flooring without plywood underneath. Plywood usually lasts up to five years and has to be replaced afterwards. Eliminating woods and going all aluminum reduces the weight of a trailer dramatically and adds longevity to the mobile kitchen. All our exterior walls are coated with epoxy and are easy to be vinyl wrapped. Our trailers are meant to be a food truck and not a cargo trailer.



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