Food Truck Industry

Custom concession trucks and trailers for sale in Texas are everywhere. The mobile food business has come a long way from offering only items like ice cream to Pizza, Tacos and even organic Pasta. It is not uncommon today for food trucks to serve organic or even gourmet food out of a nice and noble custom made food truck or food trailer. The high quality of these units is the reason why their popularity is definitely on the rise. The possibility of being mobile for makes it a very attractive business venture. It also comes with a simple and easy to learn marketing and business strategy.

Business model

One of many reasons why people love food trailers is because they serve delicious food for those who want to experience something new aside from eating in fast food restaurants. If you take a look at the many videos on YouTube that are dedicated to food trucks in Texas and all around the country you will get an idea of how exciting this business model can be. People have to eat daily and cant get enough of good food trucks and maybe it is now the time for you to start your venture and be part of it. Check out our gallery and send us an email and let us be your partner to start your food truck business now.

Start your own

In order to start a food truck business you need to find the right truck or trailer that will serve as the base of all your operations. It starts from preparation to cooking and for some even catering. You should choose a Texas concession trailer or truck that is best suited to the kind of restaurant you plan to run. If you plan to serve Tacos, you need to equip your mobile food unit with the kitchen facilities that will allow you to do all the cooking and serving in an efficient manner. So your food truck should be equipped with appliances that serve your needs best and still give you enough space to move around your trailer.

We serve your needs

At we will build you a food trailer according to your preferences. Tell us what you need and we will find a way to make it come true. We are dedicated to high quality by using high grade aluminum and stainless steel materials for our food trucks. We will design the trailer in a way it can stand out from other food trucks in Texas. Call us now or shoot us an email for more information about Texas food trucks or to learn more about how our custom built food trucks can be designed.

Artipasta – Austin, TX

Our children love it. Their pasta is hand crafted built – from scratch – the original italian way. It is always such a pleasure to see customers growing from a single location to multiple locations including a brick and mortar restaurant. Click here

Spicy Boys Fried Chicken – Austin, TX

This one is another gem in the Austin area. Teddy Bricker has built a chicken empire in Austin with cooking the best spicy chicken in the Austin area. Teddy Bricker and his company have a great work ethic and vision for the restaurant industry. Click here

Ultimate Kitchen – Houston, TX

Since opening his first food truck in 2020 he is now operating a fleet of food trucks and trailers and has also a brick and mortar location in Houston. Wilson Charles Harrison is living the typical american dream and is really fun to work with. Check out his website and try his delicious food. Click here.

Big Rivers Waterpark, Houston, TX

Since opening their first waterpark in the Houston Metropolitan area Big Rivers added Burger and Pizza trailers to cater to their customers. Click here.

Señor Burrito Company – Houston, TX

Since opening their first food trailer in 2019 they grew their business and now even opened their first brick and mortar location. Click here.

Aroy Ver – San Antonio, TX

Aroy Ver is a very unique Thai Food Trailer from San Antonio. They are known for many year for their authentic food and great quality. Click here.



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